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Buzzbox Events & solutions

Buzzbox Events & solutionsBuzzbox Events & solutionsBuzzbox Events & solutions

 Our core strength is "Innovation" and we always "Dare to be Different.. 

About Us


Creating Memorable Events

We know how to make your event one to remember. From the decorations to the performers, we help you build your event from the ground up. 


Versatile Service

Our wide range of vendors ensure you have the exactly the event you want. From corporate event functions to anniversary parties, we help you find the event schedule that works for you. Contact us to meet with our planner and talk about your many options.


A History of Satisfaction

The press and our clients agree that our events are big hits...probably because we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. From email updates about how the planning is going to managing the day of the event, we will support you the whole way through.


why us


 We customize every event to your requirements down to the last detail. We take our ideas and concept to that extent, which is acceptable to the most difficult consumer 

 Giving each project, no matter how big or small, the same attention to detail and execute on schedule. We the ultimate single point contact for the delivery of focused,unique, highly effective, cost efficient solutions for your brand




BTL Promotion:-Road Shows, Rural Area Marketing, Mall Activity, On Door Promotion, Bike Road Show, School/College Activity, In Shop Promotion, Wall Painting, Shop Merchandising. Below-the-line advertising is an advertising strategy in which a product is promoted in mediums other than radio, television, billboards, print, and film. Types of below-the-line advertising commonly include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, and catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing.

2)Customize Evening: -Theme Parties, Gala Dinner, Anniversary Bashes, Birthday Parties, Designer Wedding, Picnic Parties.

3) Production House :-Stage, Sound System, Light System, DJ Equipments, Back Projection/Screen, Plasma TV/LED Wall, Laptop, Photographer / videographer, Generators, Iron Frame.

4)Entertainment Live: -Music Concert, Stage Show, Award Night, Star Night, Fashion Show, Singer, Dancer, Anchor, Comedian, Magician.

5)Corporate Affairs Product Launching, Dealers Meet, Media Events  Inaugurations, Get Together Seminars Meeting, Sales Kick off Events Training, Seminar Exhibition.


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